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Набор Платины[править | править код]

By performing these actions you'll be able to earn platinum which unlocks custom templates purchasable at: http://civcraft.net/store

Достижения[править | править код]

These rewards are given out for completing certain achievements, such as building a civ or camp. These rewards are only given out once per phase.

First Verified Login150 Platinum
Build a Camp Item150 Platinum
Build a National Flag Item150 Platinum

Ежедневные награды[править | править код]

These rewards can be earned once per 24 hour day.

Login to CivCraft5 Platinum
Being a Resident in a Town during the Upkeep Tick*5 Platinum

^*(Currently no platinum is given for this)

Условия для проведения мероприятий и Награды за них[править | править код]

These rewards are given whenever you achieve them.

Winning a War (All players in winning civ, must conquer a civ)25 Platinum
Crafting 100 CivCraft Custom Mats1 Platinum
Completing Random Events(must require player action)25 Platinum

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